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You want to finally get some rest and sleep better? We'll show you various tips and tricks on how to fall asleep and sleep through the night restfully.

Some simple tips for a better night’s sleep

External influences: Avoid heat!

Outside influences include the lighting conditions and temperature in your room. The best place to sleep is in a darkened room with a temperature of about 17°C and sufficient oxygen. But you can also prepare the atmosphere. Perhaps relaxing sounds or special scents, such as lavender, will help you to fall asleep better. But the night mode on your cell phone is also a great way to prepare your body for bedtime. To prevent stimulus overload, you should stop using your cell phone an hour before you go to sleep. This will stop the release of more hormones that keep you awake.

Equipment: pillow and mattress

Of course, the right comfort through the equipment also plays an important role. This is especially true for your pillow and mattress, which should be adapted to you. When choosing your pillow, pay attention to your physique and your preferred sleeping position. Here you can find our pillow comparison. For your mattress, the right degree of firmness is the most important factor.

A matter of the head: falling asleep better

Basically, the head plays a major role in falling asleep. Many people are often kept awake by negative thoughts and fears. The only thing that helps against this is mindfulness and distraction, so that you find it easier to let go. Especially in the case of fears, the source should be found and then eliminated. But rituals and regular bedtimes are also very good for your body. Give your body some rest before falling asleep through mental and physical relaxation. We have also put together some quick ways to clear your head and find inner peace. For more tips, check out our video.

6 tips for better sleep | Sleeping with Science, a TED series

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Can I sleep better by exercising regularly?

Yes, because by exercising regularly you will get a much better and more intense sleep. According to a scientific study, a weekly sporting activity of at least two and a half hours increases in particular the number of light and deep sleep phases. Especially those who have only occasional or relatively light problems with falling asleep and staying asleep can benefit from regular exercise.

Are there any herbal home remedies, like tea, that can help me sleep better?

Yes, chamomile tea, for example, is a real all-rounder. It reduces pain, tackles inflammation, and is very helpful for sleep disorders. Chamomile calms you down and frees you from your fears, worries and problems that otherwise deprive you of sleep at night. Valerian root tea is also very effective for sleep disorders. It has a relaxing and sleep-promoting effect and is considered a purely herbal and harmless sleep aid. You can also drink valerian tea during pregnancy. Lavender tea also has a positive effect on your sleep rhythm. You can shake off the stress of the day and calm your nerves.

Can I also sleep better with the help of apps?

Yes, because of course there are already many digital sandmen these days that want to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. There are numerous ways to do this. Some lull you to sleep with relaxing music or pleasant rain sounds, and others play you relaxing rain or Amazon sounds to help you rest better. There are also numerous apps that can monitor your sleep rhythm and wake you up in a gentle way. You can do this by setting a time window in advance when you want to get up. Through sleep analysis, the alarm clock rings exactly when waking up is easiest for you and you are in a light sleep phase. Give it a try

How can I sleep better next to my partner?

Avoid unnecessary stress!

Falling asleep and waking up together in a partnership can also quickly become an absolute stress test for some couples. After all, sleep problems put a real strain on any relationship. In order for both partners to have a better sleep, there are a few things to pay attention to.

Solution against snoring

The main solution against snoring is to change the sleeping position. Sometimes it is enough to nudge your partner while sleeping. There are a number of products on the market to combat snoring. For example, there is a snoring backpack or simply: earplugs.

Time for togetherness

A shared evening routine can also strengthen the bond between couples enormously and provide an ideal foundation for the night. The best way to do this is to turn off all electronic devices and enjoy the time together to the fullest. It is also helpful if the couple takes time to listen to each other’s concerns. It’s best to talk together in the early evening about everything that’s on your minds. Otherwise, your thoughts will start circling around negative things as you fall asleep. And besides, problems are only half as big when you share them, right?

How can I sleep better during pregnancy?

Especially for pregnant women, the right sleeping position is important to get to rest. And the unborn child also needs these hours of rest for its development in the womb. In principle, you are free to choose your sleeping position as long as it is comfortable for you. However, if you lie on your side and place a nursing pill ow or pregnancy pillow under your belly, your muscles can relax better and you may experience less pain. During the day itself, adequate exercise and hydration will help. In addition, ideally you should only eat light food in the evening. Pampering programs, such as bathing and massage are also encouraged.

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