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Mastering everyday life in a more relaxed way and enjoying life - usually easier said than done. We'll show you how to break free from stress and find your inner peace.

Living more relaxed – Why is deceleration so important in everyday life?

Relaxing for health

Don’t we all wish we could go through life totally chilled and live more relaxed, enjoying the little moments and forgetting about stress? Relaxation contributes to a great extent to our well-being and mood. It also benefits our health in the long and short term, because relaxed people are less likely to suffer from everyday ailments such as cramped shoulders, headaches, lack of motivation and chronic fatigue. Those who are relaxed also find it easier to simply be happy and see the positive in life.

Overcoming obstacles

However, sometimes there is nothing more difficult than switching off and forgetting about everyday problems. Especially the so-called “carousel of thoughts” makes life difficult for many people and burdens them day and night. Negative memories and worries circle incessantly in our heads, stress us subconsciously and often do not allow for positive thoughts. The big question, of course, is how to interrupt this merry-go-round of negative thoughts, achieve a state of relaxation and detachment, and decelerate everyday life in order to come to peace. For this, we suggest you some tips on how to live more relaxed.

How do I become more relaxed and less stressed?

Many people are not only stressed during everyday life and at work, but also take these negative and stressful thoughts home with them. There, they then find it increasingly difficult to switch off and also really live more relaxed. The following tips can help you to let go and regenerate both in everyday life itself and later when you get off work.

Write down your thoughts

If you’re trying to relax, but your thoughts are still running wild about the next appointments and to-dos and you just can’t let go, it’s best to write them down. Especially before going to bed, it can help to put all the distracting thoughts on paper to clear your head. This is a proven remedy after breakups, but can just as easily be incorporated into everyday life.

Write a to-do list before you leave work

End your workday by making a to-do list with all the important tasks, goals and deadlines for the next day. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s coming up for the next day and you won’t have to do this planning on your own time. You’ll also avoid the fear of always forgetting or missing something.

Move yourself

When you feel particularly stressed, you should just take a little break and move. With music and sports you can stop the constant carousel of thoughts and clear your head. If you have trouble falling asleep because the worries of everyday life still dominate your thoughts, it can help to take a short walk right before bedtime to become more relaxed.

Find a ritual that relaxes you

Introduce a ritual that signals the beginning of the end of the day for you to create a mental demarcation between work and leisure. This can be, for example, taking a hot bath, exercising or simply turning up your favorite music loudly. Such a ritual will help you switch off and is especially important for those who work in a home office.

Observe your thoughts

Try to observe your thoughts passively. For example, you can imagine them as a play, which is played in front of your inner eye. In this way you will gain distance from your worries, perhaps you will be able to judge them more rationally and they will pass more quickly.

Think of something positive

Focusing on positive things, whether it’s an experience that actually happened or a fantasy, helps push bad thoughts away and become more relaxed. This relaxation technique can be especially useful if you have trouble falling asleep.

Learn relaxation exercises

Take some time to read up on different relaxation techniques and find the right one for you. Once you have found one that makes sense to you and fits your problems, try to learn it and use it regularly to become more relaxed in everyday life as well. For example, if you struggle with a lot of negative thoughts, try techniques from Positive Psychology. If you suffer more from physical discomfort due to stress, Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a good choice.

Thought-stopping method

This simple method can be very effective in stopping the roller coaster ride of stressful thoughts, preventing stress, tension and mood lows. As soon as you notice certain negative thoughts coming up, you should consciously say “stop”, clap your hands or bang on the table and consciously push those worries away immediately.

Listen to classical music

Classical music has been proven to have a very calming effect and help you become more relaxed. If you have problems falling asleep, it is best to listen to a few bars of classical music just before going to bed.

Take time specifically for problem solving

If a particular problem or complicated situation is bothering you, it is of course important to take time to look for solutions. However, you should really concentrate on solution-oriented thoughts and not let yourself be overwhelmed by your worries. Believe in yourself, then you can do it!

Our tips to live and enjoy a more relaxed life

Coloring book

Coloring books for adults have become very popular in recent years and not without reason. Coloring the various shapes and patterns has a calming and meditative effect, and everyday worries can be easily faded away quickly. These coloring books are perfect for awakening your inner child and simply getting creative for a change.

Acupressure mat set

Mats with acupressure tips have a stimulating effect on tired and tense skin. Simply spread out the mat, lie on it and feel the relaxing effect of acupressure according to the model of traditional Chinese medicine! Acupressure mats are recommended for neck and headaches, back and joint pain, tension, chronic fatigue and poor circulation.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation CD

If you want to learn more about relaxation techniques, you should take a closer look at Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). This method is easy to learn and can be used to relieve internal tension, sleep disorders, stress as well as painful tension. The spoken instructions guide you through the exercises, which focus on different muscle groups.

Bath oil

A bath is a wonderful relaxation ritual after a stressful day at work. Almost nothing has such a quick relaxing effect as a hot bath with fragrant and nourishing bath oil. For those special pampering moments, you should take a bath regularly, especially in winter, also to prevent colds and tension due to cold.

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