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You want to overcome your inner bastard and finally learn effectively ? With our tips and tricks you will succeed in learning easily!

Effective learning made easy

It’s usually exhausting and always involves a lot of pressure: studying. No matter what situation you are in in life, learning will always be with you. And even if you still tell yourself that you don’t have to start because you simply can’t learn effectively, we’ll convince you otherwise. Because with your will and the necessary amount of motivation, nothing will go wrong now. With the right method and some tips, effective learning can be so easy. We’ll show you how you can be closer than ever to your goal! In our video you will get more useful information. Here we also answer the most frequently asked questions. Have fun!

How to learn anything effectively? | How to learn things effectively?

Young woman learns effectively with music

How to learn effectively: tips for learning success for everyone

The right method: place and time

Every person is designed very differently. And that is exactly right. So everyone learns in their own unique way and, above all, according to their own unique learning method. You know yourself best and know when and how you can best motivate yourself to learn. The time you are diligent is crucial for your success in learning. This can be in the morning, at noon or in the evening. The only thing that matters is that you can concentrate well. It is no different at home. Especially at home, everyday life quickly catches up with us and we automatically fall into corresponding relaxation patterns. Therefore, you should try a neutral place, such as the library. Here you can concentrate undisturbed only on your work. In any case, there will be no distractions. Just try out different methods, times and places and find the right one for you!


In order to get to the root of your problems, you should first formulate exactly what your learning problems are and how you can change them. Even if it is difficult for you to admit your problems and other negative characteristics, dare to do so! This is the only way to really get them out of the way. And let’s face it, we’re all not perfect, are we?

How can I study effectively in college?

A learning plan provides relief

In studies, a learning plan often helps to bring structure to the process of learning. Setting up your own rules and deadlines makes the mountain of learning material not look so huge anymore. Distribute the material over the different days. And if you simply set yourself smaller, achievable goals, motivation will come naturally.

Learning math effectively

One thing is certain: math is not for everyone. And yet it’s often a big part of your studies. But with a little practice, you can do it. Just get to the bottom of your mistakes. Above all, you should understand the key problems and then clear up any ambiguities. This is the only way to find solutions. If you also try to connect your formulas with the problems of the real world, then the learning process will certainly not be so difficult for you.

How can I learn effectively in a short time?

Only one thing helps here: no distractions. To do this, you should create all possible distractions aside on your workstation. This includes, for example, turning off your smartphone. But even just closing the door can push your motivation to an absolute maximum. That way, the distracting background noise is out of the way. Try not to consciously manipulate your learning process and don’t allow any distractions!

How can I learn languages effectively?

Hello, how are you?

Surely you have heard this before. It’s English and means “Hello, how are you?”. Knowing different languages means so much more freedom and it can be incredibly fun to interact with people of other languages. To do that, of course, vocabulary learning is part of every language. You simply can’t get around it. It’s annoying and exhausting, but it can also be much easier for you than you think. We will now show you how:

The thing about vocabulary…

When learning vocabulary effectively, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: It is best not to take more than 25 minutes for intensive learning. Here you work very intensively and then take a 5 minute break. A preparation or wrap-up time can also be helpful. Since learning takes place via different sensory channels, it is also useful not only to read the vocabulary, but also to pronounce it aloud and, above all, to write it down by hand. Because while the letters are formed in slow motion, this mechanical hand movement is encoded in the brain in parallel. Should you ever come across complicated and long vocabulary, then you can also break down the unknown words into sub-units and learn them effectively that way. However, it usually helps to look for similarities in vocabulary and syllables. And don’t forget: at best you go to sleep directly after learning the vocabulary. Afterwards, you should at most do some meditation and mindfulness exercises before going to bed. This is the best way to consolidate the material you have learned. Well then, good night!

How can I learn piano effectively?

Especially with instruments it doesn’t depend so much on your talent. Here it is first and foremost practice, practice, practice. Difficult passages should be practiced at a slow tempo. After that you can slowly increase your tempo. You should also always control your fingering. When the passage to be practiced has been read and, above all, understood, then it only needs to be fingered until the hands have also understood what they are supposed to do. This requires a lot of concentration and attention. But the bottom line is that it saves you a lot of effort and time. Address your mistakes before they become entrenched.

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