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Humidity in the bedroom

Digital display at the entrance to the bedroom, indicating the humidity in the bedroom
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Too humid in summer, too dry in winter? We'll give you some great tips on how to get your bedroom humidity under control!

The optimal humidity

This is why regulation is important

Proper humidity in the bedroom is just as important as humidity in living spaces. Because in some cases the bedroom is not only used for sleeping, but also for working. Since you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, you should also pay attention to the humidity. The optimal humidity in your sleep area helps against problems falling asleep and promotes a healthy, continuous sleep. You feel less stressed, you sleep deeper and more soundly, your mucous membranes feel better, you are spared headaches and you are less susceptible to illness.

Good values

Therefore, make sure that the hygrometer shows a humidity in the bedroom between 40-60%. In addition to the humidity in the bedroom, you should of course also keep an eye on the room temperature and if necessary regulate it with aids such as a home air conditioning system. Make sure that the thermometer shows a temperature between 16 – 18 °C in the evening. If children are sleeping in the room, the temperature can also be 20 °C. During the day, a temperature of 20 – 23 °C should be maintained, because too high a temperature causes your body to tire quickly and consume energy. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to this when working.

What to do if the humidity in the bedroom is too high?

Sweating in summer

In summer, it is common for us to sweat a lot at night and be stressed by sleeping less deeply. In addition, since we are in one room for many hours, the exhaled air causes the humidity in the room to rise. Therefore, make sure that the humidity in the evening is not already borderline. Otherwise, it can happen that the humidity is unpleasantly high when sleeping and the next morning.

Little tricks

As a countermeasure, you can have your room properly ventilated in the evening – preferably as part of a fixed evening ritual – just as you do in the morning (see also Tips for getting up). At these times, the air outside is coolest and less humid. At night you can also leave your window tilted. This will provide your bedroom with a constant supply of fresh air, which will also lower the humidity in the bedroom. To further lower the humidity in your bedroom, you can also fill small bowls with salt and spread them around the room. Salt removes the excess moisture from the air by absorbing it.


If you continue to struggle with excessive humidity, a room dehumidifier is a worthwhile investment. After all, too much humidity in the bedroom can even lead to mold growth, which can cause significant damage to your health! We therefore recommend that you always keep an eye on the humidity with a hygrometer.

What is the Best Humidity for Your Home

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Upside down world – too low humidity in the bedroom

Heating in winter

Especially in winter, we struggle with too low humidity in the bedroom. Due to the always warm air that flows from the heater, the humidity in the room drops and we have to deal with dry, itchy and watery mucous membranes. Our bodies are thus more susceptible to colds and other illnesses, such as headaches and sore throats. Do you also have to fight with these symptoms? Then the first thing you should do is turn off the heating after your room has reached the desired temperature. Or you can adjust your heating so that the ideal room temperature is reached and can be maintained. If you leave the heating on, the humidity will drop and the room will continue to heat up.


This is another reason why it makes sense to consider warming aids such as electric blankets or weighted blankets. To increase the humidity in the bedroom to natural, you can place plants in the bedroom. In addition, small bowls filled with water will help to increase the humidity. However, you should change them every day, otherwise germs can develop and be passed on to the air! Of course, you should also keep your room ventilated in winter. This way your bedroom is always supplied with fresh air and you can relax better in the evening. However, in order to further increase the humidity in your bedroom, you can also resort to room humidifiers. This is a good investment, especially if the humidity level in your bedroom in the evening is significantly below the limit of 40%. If, on the other hand, the humidity is around 40%, then it can be expected that the value will level off during the night. The room humidifiers come in different versions, which differ in price, size and water capacity


Now you know how important it is to maintain an optimal humidity level in your bedroom, in addition to the right room temperature. With the above tips, you will ensure a healthy and deep sleep. We wish you a good and restful sleep!

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