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Pets for kids

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Pets for Kids - What animals make good pets for kids and what to look for when choosing? We clear up a little!

Pets and kids – a good combination?

Pets for kids are generally a good idea. Only the question often arises, which animal is really suitable. There will come a time when your Kid comes home from a friend’s house and asks you: “Why don’t we have a pet? Many block out that moment and don’t even consider getting a pet. Most simply think that the kids will quickly lose interest in the animal and all the work will then be left to themselves. However, it is a fact that kids especially develop their sense of responsibility through animals. It should be clarified from the beginning that the kids will help with the care of the animal and that an animal is not a disposable item, but a new member of the family. So if everyone wants a pet, everyone needs to help out.

Which pet is right for you?

Tip 1: Make arrangements

It’s important to think together with your family beforehand about how much time you will each have for the pet. A dog, for example, needs a lot of attention and affection, whereas a cat can keep itself busy and also move freely outside. In addition, there should also be enough space for the animal. For example, if you live in an apartment, you can not just let the dog outside in the garden, but must go for walks with him more often.

Tip 2: Animal shelters

It is unfortunately still the case that most people buy their pets from breeders. Many animals are waiting for a new home and would be happy to get a new family. That’s why it’s better to first look around in local animal shelters and show your kids the different animals. Often you can even walk the animals or go to them in the enclosure to make a first contact. However, many kids often want kittens because they look even smaller and cuter. Therefore, make it clear to your kids that these animals would be much happier and that every animal grows out once and becomes bigger.

Tip 3: Myth- Hamster

Even though hamsters are totally cute and small, we would definitely not recommend these little rodents. The animals are nocturnal and usually sleep all day and are therefore quite unsuitable for kids. In addition, kids usually want to pet the animals and hamsters are also rather less suitable for this. kids are mostly rough and restless. Furthermore, the care is very extensive and time-consuming. The hutch should be cleaned every two weeks and this is usually a lot of work, because the complete bedding must be changed. Since this can often lead to a mess, the parents often do this as well. Therefore, hamsters are rather less suitable pets for kids.

The Best Pets For Kids

pet rabbit on the grass

Suitable pets for kids

Dogs – man’s best friends

Dogs are simply loyal souls and usually also super Kid-friendly. Nevertheless, especially a dog purchase should be considered particularly intensively. A dog takes a lot of time and must also be educated. In addition, you should make sure that your kids are able to go for walks alone, because otherwise most of the work remains with the parents. In addition, it should be noted that the purchase and the food costs can go quite deep into the wallet. However, if everyone is willing to help, the dog can become man’s best friend. Small tip: Puppy schools or dog schools are highly recommended, especially in the beginning.

Cats – cuddly animals

“Cats are kings and man is their servant” – this phrase is not by chance, because cats, unlike dogs, are often very headstrong and often see humans only as a source of food. Cuddling and playing is often only on the agenda when the cat is in the mood for it. Otherwise, the claws can quickly be extended. But when they are actually in the mood for cuddling, they are incredibly grateful to their master. It is precisely this closeness that does the kids so much good. Cuddles and closeness to the animal namely lower blood pressure and, according to studies, specifically reduce stress. Especially cats are particularly overcrowded in animal shelters. Therefore, as already mentioned, first look in animal shelters before the visit to the breeder is considered.

Rodents – Bucks Bunny and Co.

Important here: Never keep alone. Rabbits and guinea pigs are a good alternative to hamsters, but both species need enough exercise and a species-appropriate hutch. A small cage, as in earlier times, is no longer sufficient. In addition, rabbits and guinea pigs should not be kept together. The animals are both rodents, but are alien to each other and can not even communicate with each other. Therefore, “like and like go together better”. Again, of course, the hutch must be cleaned regularly. Nevertheless, rabbits and guinea pigs are generally great pets for kids, as they can be petted and are often tame and easy to care for. Still, it reinforces a sensitivity to chores, such as feeding and cleaning the hutch.

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