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Fight lack of motivation

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Lack of motivation was yesterday. With the following 6 tips, you'll grab the day by the horns and finally accomplish all the things you set your mind to.

Fight lack of motivation

Sometimes you have those days of lack of motivation. You feel limp, the bed is once again way too warm and cozy, the weather is dull and you just can’t get out of the woods. In short: You don’t feel like it! Everyone knows this phenomenon and yet there are so few who resist this feeling. You don’t have to be ashamed or hide for that. Everyone has the right to not feel like it and to feel sorry for themselves. You just have to get up again afterwards. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is a very good start that you decided to read this article. We’re going to introduce you to a few tips that will help you regain momentum, restructure your day and fight your lack of motivation.

Get up

The biggest hurdle of the day, the one we usually find the hardest, is getting up. The cozy, warm bed, in which you have just dreamed adventurously or perhaps quite romantically of the crush, you always reluctantly leave. It’s best to think about a variant that forces you to get up. For example, put your alarm clock somewhere where you can’t reach it and have to get up to turn it off. With this, the worst would already be done and the first hurdle against your lack of motivation would be taken.

The right hit will make your day!

Worse than getting up and the alarm clock itself, after all, is the caustic, shrill alarm sound. A great alternative would therefore be a radio alarm clock. The radio turns on all by itself, depending on the time you set, and plays you the current hits of today. Music has a significant influence on our brain and, as a result, on our mood – more than we think. With the right music, you can even significantly control your view of the start of the day and thus your productivity. The big advantage to the cell phone is the randomness of the songs. You never know beforehand what song is going to come on, so you don’t run the risk of listening to the song you’ve loved so far dead or associated with a negative feeling. If you want to be on the safe side, you can look for a station beforehand that plays only music with a positive character.

Planning is half the battle

To give yourself a clear plan of what you wanted to accomplish that day, you should already make a “To Do” list the day before. This may seem a bit daunting at first, being confronted with a list of your tasks right in the morning, but it helps. That way, you don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do first. Here’s a trick: For the first two items, write down something you would do anyway, like taking a shower or making coffee. This will make your list look more accomplished and you’ll feel like you’ve already done something.

3 Ways to Get Out of an Unmotivated Rut

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“Carpe Diem” – Make it your motto

Often we simply lack a reason and therefore the drive to start the day. A nice way to fight your absolute lack of motivation could be a motivational calendar. In it you will find many quotes and slogans that you can take to heart. So every day gets a certain motto through the selected quote and you have a goal or something you can think about in the evening in bed, for example, whether you have lived the quote. If you come to the conclusion that this is not the case, write down the reasons for this. So you have directly in front of your eyes what holds you back and what you should change.

Together against the lack of motivation

It’s much more fun in pairs! Always look for something that can’t be shaken off so easily. Therefore, make an appointment with friends or family early in the day. Should you then again find no motivation and feel the need to turn them down, in most cases you will have to justify your refusal. What do you do? Do you make up a story that makes you look less bad or are you honest and say you have no motivation? Both options are not very nice to listen to and in the long run will also shake the quality of the friendship. Therefore, think about the good time you will have together and think positive thoughts that will push you. If that doesn’t motivate you either, then call the person and explain the cause. In this way, the person will usually be more understanding and who knows: Maybe the sound of the other voice will make you change your mind again.

Movement makes perfect

It’s no secret that exercise gets you off to a better start in the day. However, that doesn’t always have to be a workout. Even a simple walk in the morning can work wonders. Especially early in the morning, there aren’t many people up yet and you can still enjoy some peace and quiet and greet the day without stress and noise. Nothing sets you back more than the din of rush hour as soon as you open the door. We’ll tell you here how important fresh air is for you and your body. Tell us where you like to go for a walk to greet the day.

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