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Best way to get rid of headache

Tips against headache
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You suffer from headaches every now and then and don't want to take medication? Here you can find best way to get rid of headache.

7 tips against headaches – Best way to get rid of headache


It is not uncommon for headaches to be stress-related. Here, a little relaxation usually helps you feel better. We recommend that you find a comfortable place, dim the lights, put away your electronic devices and just relax. Breathing exercises can also be very helpful. Definitely one of the best way to get rid of headache.


Lack of hydration is often one of the causes of headaches. That’s why you should drink enough fluids. You prevent headaches and fight acute symptoms.


In order to supply your body with enough oxygen again, a short time in the fresh air is often enough. Just concentrate on yourself and your breathing while you are moving in the fresh air. It feels so good!


A little cold stimulates the blood circulation enormously and has the advantage that you feel much more awake and alert. Just use a cold washcloth or take a cold shower.


A simple pressure massage on the painful areas or the temples can reduce your headache. Just hold the pressure for about 30 seconds, then release and repeat the massage as often as you feel comfortable. For some best way to get rid of headache.

Coffee and lemon

Many people swear by this tip and we don’t want to deprive you of this pain-relieving composition: Just add a few squirts of lemon to your espresso. The combination of caffeine and vitamin C makes all the difference.

Peppermint oil

The mint contained in peppermint oil, as well as the cooling menthol, are ideal for acute headaches. Just massage the oil on the painful area and you will quickly notice that it works wonders. For more detailed information and further tips, feel free to watch our video. Enjoy!

Headache | Migraine | How To Get Rid Of Headaches

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Tips for headaches without pills: What home remedies help?

Headaches in children

Especially with our youngest children, a lot of attention and affection is often enough to calm them down. It is helpful to ensure sufficient rest. For example, electronic devices should be turned off completely. But also home remedies, such as certain oils or cool cloths are usually a savior in distress. You can also do relaxation exercises with your child. Such exercises are especially effective in the fresh air.

Headache with a cold

If the headache you get when you cough moves mainly to your forehead or cheekbones, you know it’s cold-related. Gentle cold baths or cool cloths to the forehead or neck area and, of course, adequate hydration are the solution here. However, if the headache is particularly severe during a cold, is constantly getting worse, or lasts longer than three days, then we would recommend you see a doctor.

What to do for tension headaches?

Basically, you can follow our general 7 tips for tension headaches. However, for long-term relief, it is important to identify the triggering factors and then target them. In most cases, these are psychosocial stress, too little sleep and repeated nicotine consumption. But poor posture at work, as well as poor lighting conditions, can also contribute to recurring tension headaches. If any of these factors apply to you, then better try to counteract it early on.

What to do about headaches during pregnancy?

Particularly during pregnancy, special caution is required with regard to a wide variety of medications. Therefore, we recommend you to relieve headaches during pregnancy with non-drug measures. This is possible, for example, with the help of various relaxation and breathing exercises. Acupuncture and acupressure also have a pain-relieving effect on many pregnant women. Warm foot baths, as well as pleasant massages, also often help to relieve pregnancy-related headaches.

What do I do if I have a hangover headache?

Take precautions already

It is true that the faster alcohol enters the blood, the more you feel the consequences. That’s why we would recommend you to create a good basis and to eat and drink enough before celebrating. Especially when taking in fatty foods, alcohol absorption can be delayed somewhat.

Avoid mixed drinking

Especially jumbled drinking and mixing several alcoholic beverages will make your hangover worse the next day. This is because the mix of accompanying alcohols you consume increases tremendously. Therefore, stick to one drink instead!

Mineral water before going to sleep

By taking enough mineral water before going to bed, the body is sufficiently supplied with water and can better compensate for the deficits overnight.

The right hangover breakfast

Easily digestible foods with lots of minerals are particularly suitable here. In addition, it is still important to drink plenty of fluids to compensate for the fluid deficit. And to make sure you get through the day afterwards basically well, we would recommend a little wellness program.

What helps with headaches after lumpalpuncture?

Headaches after lump punctures are common and they usually occur from a few hours to 1-2 days after the puncture. Younger and slimmer patients are most commonly affected. The risk can be reduced by using thinner, non-traumatic puncture needles. However, it is especially helpful if the headache is now present to drink enough fluids. Caffeine can also help. In addition, lying flat and using an elastic abdominal bandage is often beneficial. However, be sure to consult a doctor if your pain does not subside even after a few days.

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