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Senior couple prepares low cholesterol food
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Unhealthy diet? Little exercise? Stress? High cholesterol can have many causes. But you can do something about it. We'll give you tips for lowering your cholesterol.

Lowering cholesterol – what’s it all about?

Cholesterol is produced by your liver and is necessary for your body to produce vital hormones. We take it in through our food, especially sausage and eggs contain a lot of cholesterol. So it can be easy to have too much of it in your body, and then it becomes dangerous. While you don’t feel high cholesterol, it can cause heart problems and strokes. There are genetic reasons for high cholesterol, sometimes diseases such as diabetes or lipid metabolism problems are also responsible, but according to studies, an unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason why people have too much cholesterol in their bodies, for example, because they consume too much sugar or alcohol. The good news is that there are natural remedies you can use to lower your cholesterol. We show you some of them here

What lowers cholesterol – our guide to natural remedies

Lowering cholesterol by jogging

Exercise makes you feel good in general. Also, if you want to lower your cholesterol, exercise is a simple but effective remedy. If you don’t usually exercise, we recommend you start small. Take walks and use the stairs more often in your daily life or walk to the supermarket. You will see that these things already have a great effect. But we can also recommend light jogging on the treadmill or in the fresh air.

Lower cholesterol diet

An important point if you want to get your cholesterol level under control is also your diet. Make sure you eat foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats and fiber. These nutrients will help you lower your cholesterol. They are found mainly in whole grains, avocados, apples, and oranges, while other vegetables are high in pectin, which is also good for cholesterol balance. You should also consume healthy fats via nuts, salmon or mackerel.

Means to lower cholesterol: diet plan

After you have an overview of which foods lower your cholesterol and which ones are bad for you, the next step is to create a diet plan. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet and take in enough of all the nutrients that have a positive effect on your cholesterol level. Especially if you need to make significant changes to your diet, it can be useful to seek the advice of a dietician. You should always make sure that your diet plan can be easily integrated into your daily routine so that you don’t give up in frustration after just a few weeks.

Lowering cholesterol levels through relaxation

Mental pressure or stress always has an effect on your body. How this manifests itself varies from person to person. But inner tension can also be responsible for increasing blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, regularly take some time out, for example with relaxing music or a reflex zone massage for your feet. This will help you to gather new energy even in stressful phases of life.

Get a checkup

Admittedly: When we are well, few of us think of going to the doctor. But the danger of high cholesterol is so great precisely because you don’t notice it. Cholesterol levels generally increase with age, as do unhealthy diets and little exercise. But there are also genetic factors to consider, which is why the likelihood of your cholesterol level being too high increases if relatives of yours have a similar problem. If you belong to the group of people who are at risk of high cholesterol, you should therefore go for regular check-ups. This way, you can take countermeasures early and lower your cholesterol level if it is too high.

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Senior couple prepares low cholesterol food

Here’s what you should know about cholesterol

Good and bad cholesterol

As stated earlier, cholesterol is not harmful in all cases. A distinction is made between LDL and HDL, which are low-density and high-density lipoproteins. LDL chemically have a lower density and can therefore be more easily transported by the liver into the tissues and further processed. HDL your body can’t process as well, which is why they often remain in the liver and are therefore referred to as “bad” cholesterol.

How much is normal?

How high your cholesterol level can be also depends on your age. The general rule for adults is that the total value should not be higher than 200mg. Divided into LDL and HDL, the LDL value must not exceed 160mg and the HDL value must not exceed 40mg.

Lowering cholesterol: what shouldn’t you eat?

What you should avoid in general

Of course, it’s also important to know what foods you’re better off avoiding if you have high cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in unprocessed foods exclusively in food of animal origin. This includes first and foremost eggs and dairy products, but also almost all types of meat. In addition, saturated fatty acids increase cholesterol levels. They are mainly found in highly processed foods such as crackers and sweets. If you want to lower your cholesterol level, you should therefore top your bread in the morning with avocado slices or tomatoes instead of eating sausage or Nutella bread.

What does the diet actually look like?

Again, not everything is eaten as hot as it is cooked. Especially if your cholesterol level is not dangerously high, you don’t have to completely give up all these foods. However, you should definitely lower your cholesterol intake. Butter, cream and sour cream, for example, already cover your daily requirement of saturated fatty acids with 20 grams. Cheese also contains a lot of these fats. The higher the fat content in cheese, the more dangerous it is for your cholesterol balance. You should also eat pork no more than two or three times a week – whether in the form of meat or sausage. Changing your diet is not an easy thing to do. Read here 7 tips with which you can manage it.

Lowering cholesterol without medication – is it possible?

In fact, exercise and the right diet are the most important means of lowering cholesterol. Only if this is not enough, because the cholesterol level is already dangerously high, do doctors recommend additional drugs that are supposed to lower the amount of lipids in the blood. However, these lipid-lowering drugs often have strong side effects and should therefore only be used in urgent cases. Natural preparations that lower cholesterol levels often contain vitamins C and D. These help the blood vessels to function properly. These help the vessels, especially in the heart, to remove the accumulated fat. Tablets containing zinc, calcium and magnesium can also help you because they return the pH level in your body to normal.

Lower cholesterol home remedies

In addition to the proper diet plan, there are some teas that you can use to lower your cholesterol. First and foremost are green and herbal teas made from goldenrod and ash leaves. Gentian, centaury and wormwood also provide you with bitter substances that not only lower cholesterol levels, but also aid digestion. Ginger and lemon teas help burn fat. You should eat oatmeal and psyllium to help remove cholesterol from your body.

Lose weight and lower cholesterol

High cholesterol is often related to higher body weight. Changing your diet to cholesterol-lowering foods will also have a positive effect on your weight. If you want to shed a few pounds in general, it doesn’t have to be a cramp either. With our 30 weight loss tips, you’ll lose weight stress-free.

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