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Tips for getting up

Young man happily stretching while getting up in the morning in bed
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We introduce you to the best tips for getting out of bed and show you which simple tricks will make your start to the day more relaxed and enjoyable.

Being happy in the morning drives away sorrow and worries

Every morning means the start of a new day and with it the opportunity to realize one’s plans and get a little closer to one’s goals. However, for many the start of the day is rather a torture. Surely you have heard of the phenomenon of “owls” and “larks”, which has also been studied by scientists several times. If you are not a born early riser, you wake up with difficulty and usually in a bad mood, and it takes a long time to get going. Even at work, many still find it very difficult to concentrate in the first hour. In contrast to early risers, morning grouches are usually awake and active until late at night. However, many have to adjust their sleep rhythm according to obligations such as the start of work or school and thus act against their inner clock. That’s why morning grouches often wish they could start the day in a more positive and productive way. Luckily, we have some tips for getting up and tricks for making mornings as enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re an early riser or a morning person, you’re doing something good for your own health either way.

The morning routine for a perfect start to the day

A set morning routine can make starting a new day incredibly easy. If you know exactly what needs to be done when in order to leave the house on time, you can wake up relaxed and prepare for the day without stress. We’ll show you a few steps that should be part of a good morning routine – regardless of whether you jump out of bed at six a.m. full of energy or press the snooze button on your alarm clock 10 times. With our tips for getting up, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your morning from now on!

1. Preparation

Prepare everything you need for the next day in the evening. You can easily pack your bag or snack while watching TV and lay out your clothes just before you go to bed. If you like to do yoga or a little workout in the morning, prepare the things you need for it as a little incentive. You can even make it your own special evening ritual.

2. Sleep quality

Try to get enough and restful sleep. Various factors influence your ability to fall asleep and your sleep, and even small changes can significantly improve your night. For example, the choice of plants in your bedroom makes a significant difference. Just as important for a restful sleep is a pleasant humidity in the bedroom.

3. Get up

Avoid pressing the snooze button too often, as this can be harmful to your health in the long run. Instead, experts recommend setting the alarm at a later time in advance. A sleep phase alarm clock could be another good alternative. However, make sure you still have enough time to get ready without stress.

4. Get awake

One of our most important tips for getting up is to ask yourself once how you wake up the fastest. Does a long shower, a work-out, or certain music help you? Schedule enough time for that.

5. Breakfast

A healthy breakfast, even if it’s a small one, will give you strength for the day and lift your spirits. Our tips for getting up on stressful days: treat yourself to something special for breakfast so you have something to look forward to when you get up, and plan your day as far in advance as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Young woman stretching relaxed in bed in the morning before getting up

Tips for getting up in the morning and having a relaxed morning

Light Alarm Clock

Light alarm clocks are one of our top tips for getting up. A light alarm clock gently wakes you up with the gradual increase of brightness, simulating a sunrise. This natural wake-up process makes it easier for you to wake up and avoids abruptly startling you from sleep. You can also set different colors and tones according to your personal preferences. So your day starts pleasantly relaxed.

Workout or Yoga

A short workout or yoga session not only helps you wake up, but also increases your fitness and quality of life. For those who sit a lot at work, training with a fascia roller is highly recommended to relieve tension and prevent new ones.

Shower radio

Music can lift your mood tremendously and get you in the mood for the hours ahead. This is exactly why a shower radio is one of the best tips for getting up. In combination with a vitalizing shower, nothing stands in the way of a positive start to the day. That’s why a shower radio is essential for optimal sound even when the water is running.


For those who don’t have enough time for an extensive breakfast, a breakfast shake is the perfect solution. The preparation is quick and easy and the shake can easily be taken to work, should it be a little tight in the morning. The high-quality carbohydrates and vitamins give you the energy boost you need for a successful day.

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