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Clean air at home

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Some helpful tips for getting more clean air at home. With these remedies, it will smell nice again and you can breathe completely relaxed!

Clean air at home

Breathing in and out is the foundation of our existence. With purposeful breathing techniques, it contributes enormously to relaxation and a liberated mind. It is even more important that the air we breathe is really clean air at home. Accordingly, it should be clean and not smell of unpleasant things. When we breathe, we want to have the feeling that we are sucking clean air at home into ourselves and thus doing something good for our bodies. Therefore, the air should not smell of fish in the whole apartment after cooking. In the same way, we – villagers will know it – do not want to have the manure from the fields in our noses when airing. We’ll show you how you can banish these smells from your home for good and finally enjoy a full nose of fresh, clean and good-smelling air again.

Why clean air?

Clean air at home contributes enormously to our well-being. After all, it’s not for nothing that we travel to the mountains or the sea to breathe in the pure air of nature. Fresh air gets our circulation going and ensures that our immune system is strengthened. If we are exposed to poor quality air for a longer period of time, not only our body but also our psyche suffers. Especially due to a lack of oxygen, our body eventually becomes weak. This can lead to headaches, sluggishness and malaise.

Breathe deeply in your own four walls


Ventilation in the living space is the be-all and end-all. As self-evident as it should be – there are still an insane number of misconceptions about how much, how long and when ventilation should take place. Proper ventilation is of enormous importance, not only for air exchange, but also for the prevention of mold growth.

Ideally, you should open the windows 2-4 times a day. The most sensible way to do this is the so-called “shock ventilation”. Here you should open all windows completely for about 5 minutes and ensure a draft. This method is the best way to exchange all the air. It is optimal if the windows are opposite each other. If this is not the case, it would be wise to simply open the doors to ensure complete air exchange. This is not only the most effective way to ventilate, but actually makes more sense in terms of energy consumption. Keeping the windows permanently “tilted” should therefore be avoided or practiced only during sleep.

Air purifier – The vacuum cleaner for your air

In order to keep the air really qualitatively clean, you should consider purchasing an air purifier. This device filters the smallest particles from the air and thus cleans it. Especially for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, this is an excellent solution, as the smallest traces of dust, pollen, mold spores and even hair from the beloved pet are removed. Thus, the air remains clean and is freed from any pollutants and odors.


A decorative, although not replacing airing, variant is also the placement of plants. Photosynthesis naturally produces oxygen, which enriches the air with high quality. But keep in mind one thing: You don’t have to water plastic plants, but they don’t give you anything in return. And let’s face it, watering twice a day is a fair deal for better and, most importantly, fresher air.

How to clean the air indoors: simple swaps for your home

Living room is ventilated

Perfume for your home

Wearing our favorite deodorant or a beguiling perfume, we feel not only more attractive, but also cleaner and more interesting. You surely know the feeling when you run into a person wearing a certain scent and you automatically look after them. Sometimes even memories are awakened that we associate with this scent. So why shouldn’t your home also get a unique scent that makes you feel 100% comfortable? Also for guests it will always be great to visit you and possibly connect great common cooking, playing, and movie evenings with the smell of your apartment.

Scented candles

Apart from the scent, scented candles create a nice cozy atmosphere. Especially for the colder season they should not be missing in your home. They come in all sorts of scents, so you can match any scent to your mood. And even vice versa. Smells release certain hormones in our brain that can significantly influence our mood. So you can get in the mood for the Christmas season with a vanilla candle or try to beguile your partner with a distinctive cherry scent.

Scent sticks

Scent sticks not only look super fancy and can be integrated super as a decorative accessory, but also provide your room with a pleasant scent. The sticks absorb the fragrance oil and thus ensure the perfect dosage and fill themselves up again and again. A big advantage is the safety. Unlike a scented candle, you never have to worry about extinguishing it before you leave your house, and you can avoid unnecessary stress.

Automatic air freshener

For a faster effect with a much stronger scent, we recommend an automatic air freshener. Within manually adjustable intervals it sprays different scents in the room and you can put your feet up relaxed. Especially in bathrooms without windows, these are very useful to use. Just in case you have eaten something spicy and the visitor is already at the door.

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