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Lose weight with strength training

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Want to lose weight with strength training but don't know how? We'll give you some simple tips on how to get really good results in the long run.

Lose weight with strength training – How to get rid of the extra kilos

Strength training or cardio training?

You want to lose weight but don’t feel like doing cardio workouts for hours on end? Then I can reassure you, because methods to lose weight with strength training is a great alternative. It is often assumed that you can only lose weight effectively with a large calorie deficit. For this purpose, most people get on the treadmill or cross trainer. The sessions then go on for several minutes. Many find this annoying and boring. This is now a thing of the past! Losing weight with strength training is also promising and clearly not as boring as hour-long cardio workouts. However, if you really want to combine strength and cardio training, we recommend you to buy a rowing machine. You can find good models here:

Why is weight training so effective?

The success of strength training lies in the fact that many muscle groups are used at the same time. In contrast, when you run, you mainly work your leg muscles. During intensive exercises such as deadlifts or squats, the whole body has to work. This leads to many muscles being triggered. When this happens your body burns a lot of calories, which is why a good session of strength training becomes comparable to cardio training.

In the long run, to lose weight with strength training is more effective

Reason 1: Strength training affects your basal metabolic rate

The big problem with calorie deficit is that you lose muscle mass. However, your muscles take care of your body’s basal metabolic rate, which is how calories are burned. So when you lose muscle, you also burn fewer calories at rest. This is the advantage of losing weight with strength training. Because when you build muscle you burn more calories at rest.

Reason 2: The afterburn effect

The afterburn effect describes the repair work the body starts after strength training. After the workout, your body has to repair the muscles you have used, which at the same time leads to calories being burned again. This effect is greater with strength training than with cardio. This means that even if you are lying in bed, you will burn calories effectively.

Reason 3: You can shape your body yourself!

While you are trying to get rid of your fat during cardio training, you can already take care of shaping your muscles during strength training. These will be visible after a few weeks and will push your ego enormously. You kill two birds with one stone when you lose weight with strength training. You can lose weight and shape your body consciously at the same time.

Tips: Using Strength Training to Lose Weight

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Essentials for intense strength training


If you want to lose weight effectively with strength training you will hardly get around the deadlift. For the deadlift you need a barbell and appropriate weights. The point of this exercise is to pull the barbell upwards by using the strength of your legs and hips. This exercise is very strenuous, burns a lot of calories and demands a lot from you.


Squats are also one of the most effective exercises. This is because you are using your leg muscles a lot. Your leg muscles are among the largest muscle groups in your body. Large muscles provide a high calorie burn. You perform the squats by standing shoulder-width, squatting down and going up. You can of course intensify the whole thing with the barbell and some weights if the load is too low, or perform your exercises on a Vibro Shaper or a wobble board.

Bench Press

With the bench press you work your chest muscles. For this you need a barbell and a barbell bench. This exercise is all about pushing the weight up with your chest muscles.

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