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To be happy - we all want that! We'll show you what happiness is really all about and how you can become happier relatively quickly.

What’s the right way to be happy?

Psychologists have been researching the phenomenon of happiness in humans for many years and keep coming across very interesting findings. Especially in positive psychology, many studies investigate what actually makes us happy and how that affects our bodies and our lives. However, we often don’t get to hear about these new insights into happiness research, even though they could help us understand why we are not happy at the moment and what we could do about it. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the most important findings from positive psychology and give you tips on how you can simply be happy.

What do the findings from positive psychology tell us?

Positive and negative exist independently of each other

“No shadow, no light” is the popular saying – however, studies from positive psychology have proven that this notion is not true. The absence of problems does not automatically make you happier. So in addition to solving your problems, you need to actively pursue things or experiences that make you personally fulfilled and happy.

People can become happier

You should always keep this realization in mind when you see no way out of your current situation and doubt whether you can ever become truly happy. Because the answer is yes! Being happy is not an innate talent, nor is it determined solely by our possessions or income. On the contrary, happiness and contentment in life can be achieved by anyone. For example, the positive, optimistic interpretation of external circumstances can increase our sense of happiness and such an attitude towards life can be learned by anyone. One method is every night before going to bed to write down three things that brought you joy that day – no matter how bad the day was. Your first action the next day is to then read through these three pleasant experiences. This way you can always start the day on a positive note, be motivated and be happy more easily.

Just be happy with social relationships

To be simply happy, you should not neglect your social contacts, because they contribute a very big part to your happiness and satisfaction in life. Here, the quality of your social relationships is more important than the number. Take care of your friends and family and become happier together, because happiness is proven to be as contagious as laughter.

Experiences make you happier than possessions

The next time you’re unhappy, don’t try to lift your spirits by shopping, but rather invest your money in a trip and a good meal. Studies show that experiences and adventures make you much happier than that tenth dress or new cell phone. To maintain your social contacts with your friends, it is always nice to give a gift certificate for a special experience and shared memories. However, fun and joy are not everything: to simply be happy in the long run, personal fulfillment, for example through your job, is also key.

Positive effects of being happy

Happy people are healthier and live longer, various studies show. More optimistic people can be more successful and recover faster from setbacks and negative experiences. Actively suppressing pessimistic thoughts and trying to have a more positive attitude is therefore definitely worth it to improve your quality of life and simply be happy. Moreover, when you are in a positive mood, your thoughts expand and you even learn new behaviors. This is especially beneficial if you want to be creative and flexible. So, in order to simply be happier and live a more relaxed life, it’s important to find out how you can acquire a more positive outlook on life, for example, through guidebooks.

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Our recommendations for you to be happy


Keeping a happiness diary has been shown to increase life satisfaction. With just three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening, which you regularly invest in filling out the diary, you can positively change your attitude towards life and thought patterns in the long run. With the simple psychological methods you can easily be happy.

Experience voucher

Shared experiences not only make you happier, but also strengthen your social relationship. Whether it’s for your best friends, husband or mom, an experience voucher is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend more time with their loved ones and create memories together. From a wide range of possibility, exactly the perfect one can be chosen by the person receiving the gift.

Happiness guide

Those who want to learn how to gain a more positive outlook on life and become more optimistic will benefit greatly from guidebooks that contain effective coaching exercises on how to see themselves and their surroundings in a better light, step by step. Meditations and stories can also help to simply become happy in the long run.

Join-in calendar

A take-along calendar is perfect for anyone who sometimes needs a little pick-me-up, some motivation or feelings of happiness in their gray everyday life. Crazy ideas and small, fun tasks make for fun planning and little breaks in between. Take a little time out, be creative with a join-in calendar and focus on the positive to simply be happy.

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