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Yoga poses for two people

Couple warming up together in living room on floor for yoga exercise
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Add spice to your yoga routine with yoga poses for two. This way, in addition to your body and mind, you'll also do your relationship some lasting good.

Double holds better

You and your partner love sports, want to do something for your health or are just looking for some variety? You want to inspire your partner for yoga? We give you all this in the form of yoga with poses for two people. In everyday life we are often lone fighters. Everyone goes his own way. How nice it would be to practice a hobby together once in a while and strengthen the sense of togetherness. The only difference to normal yoga is the touch of two people. So don’t be a lone wolf and throw yourself into partnering.

Advantages in a double pack

Even if you do yoga poses alone, you’ll give yourself a lot of benefits. For one thing, you get rid of annoying diseases and make sure that they stay away. So you achieve more health and well-being, also in connection with your partner and your relationship. Furthermore, yoga helps your psyche. You can say goodbye to your everyday stress together and then develop personally through your new experiences. Consequently, you will have more energy and abilities through yoga.

The advantage-plus

The superlative yoga holds a sea of benefits as it is, but with a partner you can tickle out a bit more. First things first: we humans love company. Combine your yoga routine with some good conversation and improve your relationship skills. Your choice of partner doesn’t have to be limited to your life partner. Feel free to grab a friend or your child. For the very brave, a date can also be the right partner. This way you can see directly if you act like pieces of a puzzle and harmonize together. Yoga poses for two people are the key to a close connection with fellow human beings. If you open the door of connection with this key, you will find more trust. Trust in others, yourself and the environment. The important thing is to take it easy! It takes a little time to get used to each other. Funny mishaps often happen, which increases the fun factor many times over. Through the fun you break down your barriers and blockades, which kept your ways apart for a long time.

5+2 poses

To help you get started right away, we’ve put together a selection of beginner-friendly yoga poses for beginners. Once you’ve mastered these, you can try your hand at some harder yoga poses for two. The range is endless and there are no limits to creativity when it comes to yoga.


You should start by becoming a unit. Yoga poses for two people are about understanding your partner’s signals and feeling their presence. In the same way, you need to show that you are present. In this pose, you don’t see with your eyes, but with your feelings. You sit cross-legged, back to back, and feel your partner’s presence. It is best to use a yoga mat or meditation cushion as a base, and a good pair of yoga pants for added comfort. Start rotating slowly in a clockwise direction, paying attention to your breathing. After two rounds, go backwards. After that, grab your partner’s hands and consciously notice the touch as you pull his or her arms toward you. In the same way, you let your partner pull you. At the end of the pose, one of you curls up and the other maintains contact with your back by dropping far back. Equality applies here as well, so it’s a change of tasks afterwards. Take your time during the pose.

Partneryoga - Yoga zu zweit | Präsenz

Couple doing yoga exercises together


We’ll move on to the next pose without any detours. You’re even already in the right position for this, assuming you didn’t move after the end of the first pose. Similar to the first pose, holding hands is the order of the day again. Only this time the point of contact is above you. Also this time you want to pull your partner’s arms towards you. Please be gentle with the other person. You want to loosen up, but a dislocated shoulder would be too much of a good thing. Then, turn counterclockwise and touch your hands to one of your knees and one of your partner’s knees. Your partner does the same and you are connected in this way. For symmetry, turn once in both directions. At the end, you move to the left and to the right and determine the time like a pendulum.

Couple doing yoga exercises together


In any kind of relationship, it is important to support each other. It is not at all possible that you can do everything alone. You have to reach under each other’s arms and support each other. You also need this support to get up from the sitting position. Look deeply into each other’s eyes. Then, although you don’t reach under each other’s arms, you reach over each other’s arms as you both walk backward. You support each other by reaching over each other’s arms, while your upper bodies lean forward to maintain your touch connection. How long can you manage to look into each other’s eyes? After a few moments and breaths, play the movement backwards together until you are sitting back on your yoga mat.

Couple doing yoga exercises together


You should have worked up quite a sweat by now. The movements and the atmosphere in togetherness should make your body temperature rise. It’s time for a more challenging pose. From the quadruped position, look into the eyes of the person opposite you and from there move into the “downward-looking dog” position. Now it gets a little more complicated. Just as shown in the video, you first look for several points of contact with your partner before you then climb up on him. The next trip is then backwards again until you are back in the “downward-looking dog” position and then in the “quadruped stand”. Finally, you do the pose with both of you rolling in and noticing your partner by means of your arms at each other’s backs.

Couple doing yoga exercises together


An important component in any relationship is give and take. For now, you can start by giving your feet and hands to your partner and taking their feet and hands. You will be sitting across from each other to maintain eye contact. Slide your feet up and do the movements as a team like in the video. Another tip: Don’t give up if something doesn’t work out one hundred percent. No yoga pro has ever fallen from the sky.

Couple doing yoga exercises together

2 bonus poses for high flyers

Surely you still feel underchallenged by the previous poses. If you’ve built up enough trust in each other, then it’s time to take it up a notch and boost your confidence even further. In this case, you don’t just go one step further, but directly transport each other to cloud 7. After a short warm-up, you will be navigated through the air like an airplane by your partner. A high body tension and muscle power is needed, otherwise you could crash-land. Otherwise, this flight is one hundred percent first class. The fun factor is extremely high. The pose, which is announced here with red carpet and flashing lights, is called Frontbird/Freebird. It works as follows:



One of you is the so-called “base” and the other is the “flyer”. Usually the person who is lighter, smaller and weaker is the “flyer”. You can also get a third person on board or in this case on the airfield. He serves like an air traffic controller to coordinate your movements and ensure a flawless takeoff. At the beginning of the yoga pose, the base lies down on his back and pulls his legs. You can put your arms next to your body as a stabilizer. The flyer stands in front of the base and has the other’s feet at the front of his hips.

Flight preparation

Before the flight starts you should do some checks by rocking and checking if the base is really a safe base for your yoga pose. The flyer shifts his body weight forward and the base presses upward like a leg press. After the check is complete and the flyer is in the take-off position, the flight can begin.


You grab your hands, the Base bends his legs and pushes them back up together with the Flyer. Now the Flyer has to prove that it is an Airbus and not a paper airplane. Every body muscle must be tensed so that the plane is straight and stable in the air. Body tension is the be-all and end-all of almost any yoga pose. Furthermore, keep your eyes open in air traffic! The gaze should go forward. If it goes down, it could mean that your flight is on a dive. As a rule of thumb: shoulders at the same height + 90° to the base’s legs = maximum stability. But we don’t like math either, so take your time and try it out or practice your body tension a little first.


Rocket strong

In the rare case that even these yoga poses are a cinch for you and your partner, there’s a step up. To be even more aerodynamic as an airplane, you can fold in your wings and fly like Apollo 13 all the way to the moon. One more thing: to also arrive at your dream destination, you need to determine your flight path. Pivots slightly to the left and right as Base rotates his legs.

Fitness included

As a base, you can even save yourself the leg press in the gym. Bend and stretch your legs while your partner lies on your feet in gliding flight.


Now there is not much missing until you have reached your goal. To avoid crashing so close to the finish line, keep your concentration high. Grab each other’s hands. The base bends the legs and the flyer unfolds its wheels to get back in contact with the ground. As at the end of each flight, there should be applause for the pilot and his team.

The first yoga poses for two people are now done

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve done great. Surely you feel more connected now, your trust is strengthened and you are more able to work in a team. Share this teamwork with us by leaving a comment. What are your goals for yoga as a couple? Let us know. You have already taken the first step towards achieving your goal. Congratulations!

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