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Yoga for seniors

Elderly senior couple doing yoga exercise at home
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There is yoga for seniors too. Don't let your age hold you back and learn how to do yoga even with less strength and ability to move.

Is yoga too strenuous for seniors?

Is yoga actually too strenuous for seniors? When you hear yoga, an image of contortions and strenuous movements paints itself in your mind. It seems like yoga is only for the lean and rangy jocks who don’t have an ounce of fat on their ribs. Absolutely wrong! Don’t be fooled by the media. You too can do yoga, because yoga is not just about the physical aspect. Expand your understanding of yoga and practice it the way that works best for you.

From Acro to Yin Yoga

Since yoga arrived in the western world, various transformations and self-interpretations have increased the scope of yoga many times over. There are always parts of the original Indian practice in the various forms. Thus, some forms of yoga are more focused on sweaty movements and endurance, and others put spirituality in the foreground. This means that there are also types of yoga that are suitable for for seniors. We’ll show you which ones they are.

Yoga for seniors

We have already told you about the many physical and mental benefits of yoga in other articles. Roughly, it can be summarized that a summary would take too long. There are endless benefits. For for seniors, especially the strengthening of the back and pelvic floor play a major role. By strengthening the muscles in your back, you prevent back disease and pain and maintain a straight posture, which is becoming increasingly rare in our computer society. The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles. Strengthening it is important to prevent unsightly conditions like incontinence and hemorrhoids. So take your legs in your hands…. or don’t, at our two options of yoga for seniors.

Anusara Yoga

Are you a yoga beginner and find the spiritual background of yoga interesting? Then Anusara Yoga is for you. Anusara Yoga originated in the USA in 1997 and received a lot of attention very quickly. Anusara means something like “flowing with grace” or “following the heart” and is based on the philosophy of “heart opening”. The special thing about Anusara Yoga is that you don’t look from the outside to see what the exercise looks like, but yoga postures arise from your own and inner imagination. You often have to ask yourself in Anusara Yoga, “What do I feel in a particular pose?” Furthermore, it is common for a small lecture to be given at the beginning of each yoga session. The postures are always taken one at a time and very mindfully. In addition to your health improvement, practitioners often report a more mindful and emphatic outlook on life.

Gentle Yoga Exercises for Seniors | Strength & Balance | HER Network

Woman doing yoga exercise on a jogging mat with the patio door open

Sivananda Yoga

You want to get to know the meditative side of yoga? Then Sivananda Yoga or Integral Yoga could be the right thing for you. This yoga for seniors was founded by the eponymous Swami Sivananda, who is one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the 20th century. Basically, Sivananda Yoga is about five basic principles:

Correct physical exercises

Only through proper physical exercises can muscles, bones and tendons be properly strengthened. In the case of older beginners, however, the following should also apply: Personal responsibility! Listen to your body, don’t overload it and don’t cut corners. A good yoga mat or meditation mat and/or a meditation cushion are mandatory.

Proper Breathing

An important mechanism for releasing energy in yoga is breathing. Use it consciously and feel the mental renewal. The breaths are always very intense, yet slow, and are performed in parallel with movements of the body.

Proper relaxation

After all, that’s what we’re all here for. Yoga always aims at relaxation and a relief to the stress of everyday life. The levels of relaxation are physical, mental and spiritual. If additional elements like singing bowls help you, go ahead.

Positive thinking

Yoga is more than just a sporting activity or a hobby. It is a way of life. Especially through meditation, you learn to become calmer and increase your ability to concentrate.

Proper nutrition

The last principle is sometimes more and sometimes less observed. Sivananda Yoga usually includes a pure diet, which means vegetarian, fresh and unprocessed food.

Adjustment with a chair

In case neither Anusara nor Sivananda appeals to you, there is also a solution. Basically, any yoga exercise can be practiced even by older beginners. You yourself know best how fit and agile you are. That’s why we can’t tell you what to do or not to do. Most yoga exercises can be adapted and the range of motion can be easily reduced by using a chair, meditation bench or yoga belt. So let your creativity run wild and paint your yoga world the way you like it. Let others inspire you and inspire others with your ideas! With my grandfather it was so that he called me after 2 weeks and said he had no more back pain. I think there was a lot of placebo effect, but I was very happy for him. Have you ever had such experiences with yoga for seniors?

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