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Foot reflexology massage techniques

Foot reflexology massage where masseur's hands and one leg of the person being massaged are visible
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With our foot reflexology tutorial you can positively influence the well-being of your whole body. We'll show you what to look out for.

What are foot reflex zones?


Before we go into more detail about foot reflexology massage techniques, let’s briefly explain the term reflexology. The basic idea of reflexology is that all organs and muscle groups are reflected on the skin. Reflexology originated in Far Eastern folk medicine, where it has been used successfully for many years. It was not until the American doctor William Fitzgerald and his division of the human body into different zones that this technique also became popular in Western medicine.


Just by touching the right spot, the respective assigned part of the body can be positively influenced. Also certain parts of the feet represent body zones and the targeted massage of these can naturally alleviate physical ailments and increase your well-being. This works by transmitting the stimulus on the skin through various nerve pathways to the affected part of the body.


A prerequisite for a successful treatment are healthy feet. Regular, accompanying foot care can increase the chance for lasting results. If done correctly, massage can vitalize, release inner energy and activate self-healing powers. However, achieving such impressive results requires some knowledge and also some practice. In our foot reflexology guide we will show you the most important steps for a successful massage of the feet with a holistic effect on the body.

When and how does a foot reflexology massage help?

The goal of foot reflexology massage techniques is to trigger positive interactions between the touched areas on the foot and certain parts of the body. Of course, a precise knowledge of the zones on the foot and the associated organs or muscles is very important in order to achieve the desired result. The course of the reflex zones on the foot from the toes to the heel corresponds to the structure of the human body. Accordingly, the toes represent the head area and the rear heel area represents the hip and knee joints. In between are sections connected to the lungs, shoulder, kidney or intestines. Along the inside of the foot runs the area associated with the spine. Therefore, before the massage you should make clear which parts of the body you want to stimulate or where exactly you feel uncomfortable. Then you massage exactly this area according to our foot reflexology massage techniques. We have compiled a small list of common everyday complaints and the corresponding reflex zones on the foot.

Headaches: Intensive massage of the toes, especially the big toe, helps against headaches.
Digestive problems: For constipation or intestinal problems, massage the inner area between the middle of the foot and the heel.
Bladder Inflammation/Irritable Bladder: Problems with the bladder can be alleviated by applying targeted pressure to the medial area of the arch of the foot
Back Pain: Rubbing the inside of the heel is recommended for back pain relief.

Our foot reflexology massage techniquess for you

Once you have decided on one or more areas, you can begin your massage with the following foot reflexology massage techniquess. Always remember that the body needs time to process the stimuli and it may take a while before noticeable changes occur. In addition to the treatment with bare hands, it is also worth using foot massagers or other suitable home massagers to increase your well-being. For the normal hand treatment you can also use certain oils, e.g. massage oils that we have tested.


Before you start with the massage, you should invest some time in your foot care. A foot reflexology massage is only beneficial and useful if you do not feel any pain from ingrown nails, corns or similar. In this case, no positive impulses can be sent to other parts of the body. Regular callus removal can also lead to a more pleasant and intense massage experience.


Find a comfortable place where you can sit down and relax. Find a position for yourself where you can easily grip your feet without contorting yourself. Of course, it is optimal if your partner performs the massage privately for the two of you alone. Then, for example, you can lie down in peace – whether on the sofa or on a special massage table.


Now the massage can start! If you are massaging yourself, take one foot in both hands. Place your fingers on the back of the foot and place your thumbs on the desired area. Move your thumbs in small circular movements and slowly increase the pressure. If someone else is doing the massage, congratulations! You may sit back and enjoy.

5 Basic Foot Reflexology Techniques | Reflexology

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More foot reflexology massage techniquess and resources


If you want to learn even more about reflexology in general, a good guidebook is just the thing. The different zones all over the body are explained in detail and visualized with pictures. Furthermore, the effect of grip techniques in addition to the classic massage with the thumb is also presented and the implementation is shown step by step. With a guidebook you can get to know your body even better and reduce everyday ailments in a natural way.


If you prefer foot reflexology massage techniques via video, you can find some good instructional documentaries on Amazon. The content is designed by board certified therapists and will help you learn new massage techniques and better understand the different reflex zones. The position of each zone is clearly explained to you using an infographic. In addition to being able to watch the instructional video on DVD and Blu-ray, you can also download a version for your tablet or smartphone.


In addition to foot massage by hand, the use of foot rollers with stimulating wooden nubs can also increase well-being. The foot roller can be used comfortably while sitting by moving the feet up and down. Ten rollers simultaneously massage different reflex zones of the feet, stimulating metabolic activity and blood circulation.


If you want not only a stimulating massage, but also a soothing foot care, a modern foot mass ager is the best choice. Most of them have several intensity levels and various massage options. For maximum relaxation during the massage provides the integrated heat function, which keeps the temperature in the device constantly pleasantly warm. In this way, tension in the foot itself can also be easily relieved.

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